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Our Management

36th Sringeri Jagad Guru

This institution blessed by His Holiness Sri Sri Bharathi Tirtha Mahaswamiji and located on the north bank of the river Nila, is the modern answer to fulfil the need for more qualified Ayurvedic physicians. Sri Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya Mahasamsthanam Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham Sringeri is the first and the foremost of the four Peethams established by the renowned 8th century philosopher saint Sri Adi Shankara, the principle exponent of Advaita (non-dualism). The Goddess of Knowledge Sri Sharada, whose image was installed at Sringeri by Sri Adi Shankara, is the presiding deity of Peetham.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal, the 36th in the illustrious and unbroken lineage of Acharyas, presently adorns this seat of transcendental wisdom.

PNNM Ayurveda Medical College is run under the aegis of Sri Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya Mahasamsthanam Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri Visit (www.sringeri.net).

37th Sringeri Jagad Guru

Brahmashri Poomulli Neelakandan Namboodiripad was the President of Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam, Shoranur which is the world’s first Ayurvedic Healing Centre. His service in this capacity was one of the longest, until he passed away in 1997. It is his illustrious name that adorns this institution. He was a man of many parts – an authority on Ayurveda as well as a renowned practitioner of the treatment of elephants. Besides this he was also an expert in the martial art of Kerala – Kalaripayattu.

P N N M AYURVEDA MEDICAL COLLEGE was established in 2007/2008 by the Poomulli Neelakandan Namboodiripad Memorial Bharartheeya Sasthra Vidya Peetam Trust and promoted by the Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam. The principal objective of the Trust is to provide quality education in Ayurveda, besides re-vitalizing the many Bharatheeya Sastras. The Trust has a pan-Indian and International following.poomullineelakandannamboodiripad

Gowrisankar Chairman

Padmashree DR. V.R.Gowrisankar


CEO & Administrator, Sri Sringeri Math & it’s properties, Karnataka

Muraleedharan Secretary



President, Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam,

Krishnan Treasurer

Sri. V. Ramalingam


Director, Adi Sankara Trust, Kalady. President cum Managing Trustee Sri Bharathi Theertha Veda Patasala Kochi