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Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam since 1902

A Medical College must have a hospital where the students can observe the various ailments and also witness the curative methods to be applied. They learn all this in theory, but it is the practical scrutiny and treatment that truly constitutes the most crucial steps of Medical Education.

P N N M Ayurveda Medical College is fortunate in having the first Ayurvedic Healing Centre – Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam as its teaching hospital. An institution with a hoary tradition and a bright future it is no ordinary Ayurvedic Hospital. (For more information about this institution please visit .www.samajam.org )

Samajam hospital

Over a century old and with its place as a part of the history of this state firmly established, Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam is the quintessence of Ayurveda. Staffed by highly qualified physicians and technicians, this hospital carries forward the traditional school of medicine as practiced in Kerala. The institution offers a holistic picture of the science of Ayurveda by including Panchakarma & rejuvenation therapies, research & development, cultivation of medicinal plants & manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines as well as preventive health care concepts.

The list of the many great personalities who have served this institution reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the world of the venerable science of Ayurveda. They include Shri. PS Varier of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala fame and Brahmashri Poomulli Neelakandan Namboodiripad. The association of great personalities and the royalty of the princely states of Cochin and Malabar, eminent personalities like Former Prime Minister Shri. Gulzarilal Nanda, the famous classical musician Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, Mahakavi Vallathol, Padmavibhooshan Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer and former President of India, Shri. KR Narayanan just proves its worth.

It is truly a blessing to have an opportunity to tread the hallowed corridors where the great Acharyas of Ayurveda once walked and used their knowledge for the good of mankind.

Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam conducts full-fledged charity Out-patient Departments (OPDs). About 150-250 patients visit the OPDs every day. In addition to the OPDs, in-patient wards consisting of 25 beds are also functioning at the college. An amount of Rupees 15 lakhs is spent annually for charity purposes.

Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam has been collaborated with TATA Business Support Services Ltd (TBSS) Hyderabad, assuring insurance for Ayurvedic treatments and medicines for the first time in Ind

Our Speciality Clinics

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Subalyam (Speciality Clinic for Childhood Disorders)

Children are our most valuable natural resources - a PANEL OF EXPERTS FROM Ayurveda and Allopathic system of medicine is constituted to ensure proper health and development of the children. Traditional physicians with vast experience in the treatment of children are specially incorporated to share and document the fast declining rich ancestry of traditional balaroga (pediatrics) vaidyas. This panel meets regularly once in a month to examine the patients and share the knowledge.

Third saturday of every month

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Sunayanam (Specialty clinic for Eye Disorders)

An eye out patient wing with renowned specialist in the field eye (netra ayurveda) examines patients regularly in the "Netraroga panel" once in a month. An ophthalamologist and all modern diagnostic tools are employed to obtain diagnosis with greater precision. Special formulations and treatment procedures are designed with the vast experience of traditional physicians of Samajam. Patients from even very far places come for obtaining and amicable solution for their chronic eye ailments.

Last sunday of every month

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Suchethas (Specialist Clinic for Stress and Strain)

The changes in life style influence not only our body but also the mind. This culminates into mental distress. Stress and strain may lead to many physical as well as mental disorders. This ultimately hampers the well being of the family ad society. A tablet or a decoction may not be a remedy in this situation. A comprehensive health strategy is essential for such ailments. Samajam has designed such an integrated approach as solution which has been successfully practiced here over a country.

Second saturday of every month

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Suputhreeyam (Speciality Clinic for Ante & Post Natal Care)

Suputhreeyam Speciality Clinics focuses primarily on the well being of the young generation as the future of humanity relied greatly on these young shoulders. It is for the first time that such an idea is being put forth by any one and to focus more on the preventive rather than a treatment aspect. It constitutes a panel of doctors from Ayurveda. It's allied sastras and modern medicines.

Second friday of every month